Ground Zero will work with you to rethink your existing business or organisational strategy, from the ground up. We can also help you identify new business opportunities, new products and services, new markets and audiences, and new ways of doing business.

Tell us what's going on at your place – we'll explore scenarios with you, help you set new business or organisational objectives, agree the right strategies, and engage with you, your audiences and stakeholders to ensure a successful outcome.

Services include:

Strategic Planning and Research

  • situational analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • demand assessment
  • capability evaluation
  • planning facilitation

Marketing Support
  • review of marketing and branding activity
  • market research and analysis
  • ideas generation
  • market entry
  • development planning and delivery
  • communications planning and delivery

Business Facilitation
  • opportunity evaluation
  • training and coaching
  • board and management planning
  • in-market engagement

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